Do You Need New Glasses If You Feel Your Eyes Haven't Changed?

Posted on: 20 July 2022

Has it been what seems like eons since you last had an eye exam? Are you due for new glasses but you don't see the need to get them because you feel you see just fine? Poor eyesight can cause strain in your eyes and forehead and can cause headaches, fatigue, and other physical issues. You need an eye exam and possibly new glasses if any of the following apply to you, even if you feel like your eyes are fine.

You work at a computer more often than you used to

Do you work at a computer all day? Computer strain can be a real thing and can cause you to have strained vision. This can lead to headaches and tired, bloodshot eyes. Even if your vision is not impaired by working at a computer all day, see your eye doctor to see if you can get glasses that help you manage the bright lights of your computer screen.

You usually wear contacts but are wearing glasses more

Your contact and glasses prescriptions may not be the same. If you usually only use your glasses for backup and are suddenly wearing them more often, see your eye doctor to see if you need an eye exam. If your eyes have changed a lot since your last prescription or if your current glasses are not matching up with your vision needs, get new glasses.

You have glasses but they hurt your face

Glasses can be uncomfortable suddenly for a variety of reasons. If you gain or lose weight, your glasses can fit differently on your face and cause you to feel discomfort behind your ears, on the bridge of your nose, or in other areas of your face.

Your glasses may also hurt your face because they are old and worn. As glasses get older they start to lose their shape and this can affect how comfortably they fit you. From falling off to just feeling crooked on your face, old glasses should be replaced by new ones even if you see well out of them.

Your eye doctor wants to know if you have any double vision, see halos, or have issues driving at night. They also want to know if you have lingering headaches when your glasses are on or if you have any concerns about your vision health. See the eye doctor regularly to see if you need new glasses to keep your eye health in check.