• Two Common Eye Problems You Need to Know About

    Everyone knows the importance of routine physical examinations with your doctor every year. Along with checking your general health, you also need to visit the eye doctor annually, even if you have good vision. The examinations check for common eye illnesses that you may not realize you have or are at risk for. As you get older, that risk can get even higher depending on the disease. This guide goes over some of the common eye illnesses you may experience, their symptoms, causes, and treatments associated with them.
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  • Eye Care Basics

    The first thing you should know about your eyes is that your vision, and problems that may occur with age, has a lot to do with genetics. Therefore, it is worthwhile to find out about your family history with regards to eyesight and vision concerns. However, there are also environmental and other factors that can contribute to the health of your eyes. Since the environmental factors are something that you have control over, you want to learn what these are and what you can do to reduce your risks of developing issues in the future.
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