Signs You Need Eye Exam, Even If You Don'T Have Eye Problems

Posted on: 26 April 2019

You don't have to experience eye problems to seek an eye exam. For example, eye problems sometimes manifest themselves in other parts of the body. Here are some signs that mean you should get an eye exam even if your eyes feel okay.


Headaches (especially cluster or migraine headaches) may be a symptom of eye problems. Such headaches usually affect the front of the face. The headaches occur because your eye muscles are weak and have to work extra hard to help your eyes focus on things.

No Exam in a While

Every adult needs regular eye examinations. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 64 and has a low-risk of eye problems require an eye exam every couple of years. Therefore, you need an eye exam if you are in that age range and you haven't had an eye exam in more than two years.

Associated Health Conditions

Some health conditions can affect your eyes. For example, diabetes can affect the blood vessels in your eyes and impair your vision. If you have been diagnosed with such an illness, you need an eye examination as soon as possible. Through the examination, you will know whether the illness has already affected your eyes and what you can do to prevent or deal with the complications.

Eye Problems in Family History

Some eye problems run in the family. Therefore, get your eyes checked if you learn that your family has a history of vision problems. In many cases, early intervention may help prevent vision problems or help you manage the problem properly.

Visually Demanding Occupation

You also need an eye exam if you are about to start or have just started a job (or educational course) that requires clear vision. For example, you may need an eye exam if you want to start flight training, driving at night, or working with microscopes in the laboratory. Those are all conditions in which the results of poor vision may be disastrous.

Medications with Ocular Effects

Lastly, you also need an eye exam if you are on drugs that may affect your eyes. Blood medications and erectile dysfunction drugs are some of the drugs whose side effects may affect your eyes. If you are on such drugs, get an eye exam so you may switch drugs or take other measures to preserve your vision.

Hopefully, you will get a clean bill of visual health during your eye exams. If the exam does reveal a problem, your decision to consult the doctor will still pay off because you will get treatment in time.