4 Signs That Your Child May Need Glasses

Posted on: 11 February 2016

Many children have vision problems, but since no one else can see exactly what your child is seeing, vision issues may not be detected right away. Living with vision problems can be difficult for a child, so it is important to know the signs and symptoms that he or she can't see well so you can take him or her to an optometrist for a vision screening and to get glasses if needed. Some common signs that your child may need glasses include:

Squinting or Closing One Eye When Focusing on Something

When a child has a vision problem, he or she will commonly attempt different things to try to focus better. Squinting, closing one eye, or covering one eye are actions that are commonly seen in children that need corrective lenses.

Difficulty in School

Vision problems can contribute to many problems in school and bad grades. When children have problems seeing the blackboard they may become frustrated and feel like they can't keep up with the lesson because they can't see what the teacher is writing down. Not being able to follow daily lessons will typically result in poor test scores and an inability to complete assignments and homework. When a child is getting bad grades in school, all possible reasons for it should be explored, but starting out by having your child get a vision screening is often the easiest route.

Complaints of Nausea/Vomiting or Headaches

Constantly trying to focus in order to see properly can cause a lot of stress and tension which can manifest in frequent headaches. Blurry vision can also contribute to a feeling of vertigo, which can make children feel nausea or cause them to vomit. Constant headaches, nausea, and vomiting are all serious conditions that require medical attention. But before having your child go through a variety of medical tests to discover the problem, it may be best to go to the optometrist so your child can have a simple vision screening to see if poor vision is causing the problems.

Extreme Clumsiness

Some people are just born clumsy, but it is not uncommon for young children with extremely poor vision to be clumsier than their peers. When a child has extremely poor vision, he or she may trip over objects or run into things because he or she literally can't see them properly. If your child seems overly clumsy, schedule a vision screening to see if wearing glasses could help correct the problem.

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